Viva Tech 2023: the event for Europe’s digital ecosystem

13 June 2023

Viva Technology: the must-attend event for start-ups, innovation and the digital ecosystem in Europe

Since 2016, the Viva Technology trade show (Viva Tech) has established itself as the major event for innovation and new technologies in France and Europe. Organized by the Publicis and Les Echos groups for the 7th consecutive year, it is dedicated to start-ups and aims to promote European and global technological innovation. This professional event will take place over 4 days at the Parc des Expositions at Porte de Versailles in Paris, from 14 to 17 June 2023, with the last day dedicated to the general public. 

With over 90,000 visitors to the previous edition, 2,000 exhibitors, 1,800 start-ups and 2,000 investors, Viva Tech has once again demonstrated its European and international standing, with 149 countries represented at the event. Viva Tech is also a strong digital and omnichannel player, with a digital platform that generated 1.7 billion views last year and enabled 300,000 virtual visitors to attend the event online. 

Viva Tech’s primary vocation is to enable digital professionals and companies to meet, exchange ideas and share their technological innovations. In 2022, visitors included 16% start-ups, 3% investors, 35% international visitors, 43% business executives and 16% students. 

An ambitious 2023 programme: artificial intelligence, sustainable innovation, conferences and renowned speakers


Technology in the service of innovation, but above all in the service of today’s major social, environmental and economic challenges: that is the ambition of this 2023 edition of Viva Tech. Taking place in 2 large halls of the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre in Paris, 55,000 m2 – 20% more than the previous edition – will be dedicated to professional exhibitors, major digital companies, young start-ups and themed conferences. Here are the major themes of Viva Tech 2023 on which visitors will be able to find dedicated areas: 


  • Artificial intelligence: how can it be put to good use in your business? What impact does AI (artificial intelligence) have on our daily lives? How can we determine the (in)ethics of an algorithm? A wide range of topics will be explored at conferences and workshops on the subject of AI, which is now the talk of all digital professionals, particularly with the democratization of AIs such as ChatGPT, Midjourney and Deep Fake. Speakers from companies such as Orange, Publicis Sapient, IBM and PwC will be talking about these technological challenges and opportunities. Viva Tech will also be welcoming Yann Lecun, Chief AI Scientist at Meta, and Jacques Attali, writer and Chairman of the Positive Planet Foundation.  


  • Tech for energy and the climate: decarbonising businesses, new solutions for capturing greenhouse gases, low-carbon construction… A host of technological innovations for a more sustainable environment will be presented at exciting conferences hosted by companies such as CapGemini, Ecosia, Back Market, BNP Paribas, SNCF and Bouygues Construction. 


  • The sport of the future: this is one of the sectors where technological innovations have revolutionized sport in recent years. Whether it’s improving the well-being of sportsmen and women or their performance, enhancing the experience of supporters or even the environmental and social impact of sporting events, innovation and technologies linked to sport are opening up a host of new possibilities. Speakers at this year’s conference will include sports personalities such as Blaise Matuidi and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. 


  • Cybersecurity: technological innovations unfortunately go hand in hand with new practices such as cybercrime. Numerous digital and cybersecurity companies and professionals will be presenting their analyses and solutions to combat these practices and make our workplaces and personal lives more secure.


  • Web 3.0 and blockchain: relatively new markets, web3 and blockchain have recently been hit by economic challenges, scams and speculation. Distrust, regulation and the valuation of these markets are fascinating and structuring subjects that will be addressed by expert companies.  


  • Deep tech: from aerospace and medicine to digital technologies, this space will be dedicated to disruptive innovations, offering a glimpse into the future of major industries. 


  • Food tech: the food industry has been turned on its head in recent years. We no longer consume, produce and distribute in the same way, and we are looking for sustainable and healthier lifestyles. An area will be dedicated to the innovations and technological upheavals that are transforming the world of food. 


  • Scalability: this year, Viva Tech is devoting a space and a series of conferences to the subject of “scaling up”, i.e. the change of scale from start-up to developing company. Against a relatively tense global economic backdrop, and in conjunction with international investors and financial players, trends, opportunities and markets to watch will be examined. 


  • Marketing and advertising: a wide-ranging but fast-changing theme, and a host of executives, CEOs, marketing and media experts will be on hand to discuss the technological trends impacting on these professions. Leading figures such as Alexandre Bompard (Carrefour), Arthur Sadoun (Publicis Groupe) and Bernard Arnault (LVMH) will be on hand for an informative and exciting programme of conferences. 


  • Educational technologies: how are these technologies helping us, and will they help us, to build our future education, training and working environments? What are the possible biases of algorithms? The companies invited will provide some answers to these questions. 


  • The metaverse and gaming: what is this new parallel economy that is tending to develop over the next few years? What are the commercial and economic models and future trends for these new ways of consuming? Visitors will have the chance to attend gaming demos and conferences on these new digital experiences.


Why should a tech start-up or company go to VivaTech 2023?


Technological innovations are now an omnipresent part of our daily lives, both in our professional lives and in our personal environments. All sectors are or will be affected by major technological developments, and taking an interest in them will enable any company, entrepreneur or start-up in the digital sector to anticipate and understand future developments in their market. 

As the benchmark event for innovation in the tech sector, many business sectors are represented at Viva Tech, through exhibiting companies and visitors alike: 


  • Banking / Finance / Insurance / Legal
  • Business Consulting
  • Information technology
  • Luxury / Fashion / Beauty
  • Transport / Mobility
  • Software Development / Cloud Services
  • Media / Entertainment / Culture
  • Consumer goods / Retail / E-commerce
  • Human Resources / Education / Training
  • Health


Viva Tech is a tremendous source of inspiration, but also of exchange, discovery and foresight to discover the innovations that will shape the ecosystems of tomorrow: ChatGPT, artificial intelligence, energy, climate, cybersecurity, etc. It’s also an opportunity to meet international start-ups and personalities who have made the trip specifically for these 4 annual days dedicated to innovation. 

While the major groups and companies in the digital sector will be represented on most of the stands, start-ups and young shoots in the digital ecosystem will also be well represented, thanks in particular to the national and regional French Tech programme. 

As an organization that helps innovative digital companies to set up in France or the Basque Country, but also to gain a better understanding of their market and anticipate innovations, Basque Invest is here to help: don’t hesitate to contact us. The Basque Invest team will be at Viva Tech and we look forward to meeting you there to discuss your innovative projects!