Business incubators in the Basque Country

The Basque Country is committed to creating a stimulating business climate, boasting more than a dozen business incubators that offer the ideal conditions for launching an innovative business, such as attractive rents and shared services.

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Business incubators for lauching in the basque country

Business incubators are an excellent way for companies to set up in a new area. There are currently more than 230 in France.

These spaces are dedicated to the support and development of young companies in their start-up phase. They offer a favorable environment for growth by providing a framework conducive to economic development. Services typically include adapted premises, shared infrastructure, administrative support, management advice and networking opportunities.

BASQUE INVEST can help you set up your business in the Basque Country and choose the best local incubator option for your business based on the wide range of services available:

  • Reception
  • Office tools
  • Meeting rooms
  • Access to all the services of our institutional partners: start-up assistance, project financing, training, documentation, administrative formalities.

All incubators are part of the Technopole Pays Basque group and we can guide you to the one that’s best suited to your needs.

ESTIA Entreprendre. Located on Bidart’s Izarbel technology park. Welcomes projects dedicated to new technologies.

Bayonne’s Technocité technology park. Home to a 2,300 m2 incubator providing offices, workshops and meeting rooms, with a focus on companies in the aeronautics, robotics and composites sectors.

Créaluz. Inaugurated in 2020 in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, within the ID OCEAN Basque technology park. Exclusively dedicated to sustainable initiatives and eco-design. Home to start-ups specializing in boardsports, water sports and nautical activities.

The Générateur d’Activité Located at Arkinova in Anglet. Offers a space for companies and entrepreneurs working on innovative projects specializing in sustainable construction, urban planning and development.

Olatu Business Innovation Cent Incubator and business center located in Anglet’s Baïa Park area. Welcomes companies in the boardsports sector.

Compositadour. Incubator and technical center based at Bayonne’s Technocité. Provides state-of-the-art equipment and develops innovative projects in composite materials and robotics.

Lanazia. Located on the Larre Lore business park in Ascain. Offers its members a tailor-made support program to boost their economic performance and optimize their digital strategy, with the ambition of developing the region’s economy. Offers several support services: an incubator for testing ideas as a project leader, 800 m2 of connected spaces, offices and workshops, an “Accelerator” program, coaching workshops, a coworking space and crowdfunding support.

HABI Based in Itxassou. Brings together dynamic companies from the inner Basque country. Situated at the heart of a business park and connected to a multitude of companies. Benefits from privileged relations with the other incubators managed by the Basque Country Agglomeration Community.

The Aldatu business support center. Located in Hasparren. Responsible for economic development in the Pays d’Hasparren and the commune of La Bastide Clairence. Houses an incubator and a business center.

INDAR Développement. A support center comprising two economic zones – one in Saint Palais and the other in Saint Jean Pied de Port.

The ODACE (Organisation Développement Action Coopération Économique). A multiservice center located in Mauléon.

What is a business center?

A business center is a space dedicated to welcoming and supporting businesses, particularly start-ups or individual entrepreneurs. These establishments generally offer offices or suitable premises at affordable rates, as well as services such as reception, security, internet access, and sometimes even management advice or training. The main aim of a business center is to provide an environment conducive to the growth and development of businesses, by offering logistical and administrative support.

  • Support: A business center is aimed at companies looking for premises and a range of services geared to the economic development of their business. It provides access to premises for business meetings and appointments, but does not necessarily offer support for company development. Incubators, on the other hand, are reserved for innovative, start-up companies under 3 years old. They generally offer more comprehensive and specialized support to young companies in the start-up phase, and can provide services such as management consulting, training, business development support, etc.
  • Duration: Business incubators are often designed to accommodate companies at an early stage of their development, and companies may stay for several years until they are ready to stand on their own two feet. Conversely, business centers are generally used by companies at different stages of their development, and rental contracts are often more flexible, allowing companies to stay for shorter or longer periods depending on their needs.
  • Business sector: Business incubators may specialize in a particular sector, or offer specialized support for specific types of business. Business centers are often more generalist, catering for companies from different sectors.

Complementary to business incubators or “ateliers relais” (i.e. workshops designed for production activities, suitable for professionals in targeted B2B sectors), a business center enables you to find a place to run your business, whether it’s a transitional solution or a more permanent set-up.

Moving your company to new premises is a strategic move which can be made easier with personalized support.  BASQUE INVEST draws on its network to help new companies arriving in the Basque Country find places in business incubators, workshops and company centers.


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