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locations in the Basque Country

The Basque Country boasts an excellent network of sites for every type of business, regardless of the sector. From specialized incubators for start-ups and a European freight center to clusters dedicated to new technologies, aeronautics and boardsports, find out more about the many locations available in the Basque Country.

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The basque country : locations to suit every business

Sports and boardsports companies

Situated between the ocean and the mountains, the Basque Country is an ideal location for companies distributing boardsports products and services.

Surfing has been an integral industry to the Basque Country’s economy since it first hit the shores in the 1950s. It is now home to 40 surf-related brands, including the world’s top 8 and is valued at 1.2 billion euros per year (European market). In addition, some fifty shapers are present on this coastline, generating sales estimated at 4 million euros. The boardsports industry as a whole employs 3,200 people.

A number of complementary businesses have also emerged:

  • Service companies – Communications, audiovisual production, screen printing, textiles, software development, store fitting, etc.
  • University course – The Bordeaux University campus in Bayonne is the only place in Europe to offer a Master’s degree in Boardsports Engineering. Over the years, its graduates have become established professionals in the boardsports industry, working for leading brands.

If you’re looking to set up a company in the sports and boardsports sector, there are a number of attractive locations to choose from:

Baïa Park: a business park dedicated to the boardsports industry. Designed to accommodate industries and services in the surf, skate and snowboard fields, this business park enjoys an exceptional location just 2 minutes from the best surf spots on the Basque Coast, close to motorways and Biarritz airport.

Some emblematic brands located at Baïa Park: Volcom Europe, Surf Session, EuroSIMA cluster. Thanks to its success, Baïa Park still has plenty of land available.

Olatu Business Innovation Center: located in Baïa Park, this business center also houses an incubator. Opened in 2012, it is now home to 22 companies and 50 employees.

Foreign trade companies

The Bayonne-Mouguerre European Freight Center is strategically located:

  • In the heart of the Aquitaine-Basque Country Euroregion
  • In the middle of the logistics crossroads of the Iberian Peninsula and Northern Europe
  • Extends over a 100-hectare land reserve on the south bank of the River Adour
  • At the crossroads of the A63 and A64 motorways
  • Linked to the SNCF network and located 6 km from the industrial port of Bayonne

The Bayonne-Mouguerre European Freight Center is the only logistics hub in southern Aquitaine capable of simultaneously accommodating large-scale logistics warehouses and new-generation rail services.

The center manages all goods transfer operations for all modes of transport.

: Aeronautics, aerospace, robotics, mechatronics, composites and advanced materials companies

Technocité is the ideal location for any company in these fields. A true technopole headquarters, it extends over 10 hectares in the city of Bayonne and hosts over 20 businesses in the aeronautics, space, embedded systems, services and engineering, composite materials and robotics sectors.

Technocité in figures:

2000 m2 of premises

20 companies

260 employees

2 technology platforms: COMPOSITADOUR and ADDIMADOUR

A technical center for composite materials, Compositadour is dedicated to supporting innovative projects, and is home to Coriolis Composites. This company is developing a 6-axis robot for the placement of composite fibers for applications in the aeronautics, automotive, building materials and medical sectors.

Addimadour is one of the first platforms in France to off or solutions in metal additive manufacturing. It was co-designed with a group of manufacturers, and is managed by ESTIA. It was financed by the Communauté d’Agglomération Pays Basque, the New Aquitaine Region, ESTIA and the ERDF (European Regional Economic Development Fund).

It is ideally located at the crossroads of the North/South and East/West freeways, with two TGV stations just 5 minutes away. It is also close the the Port of Bayonne and there are two airports nearby: Biarritz (5 minutes, serving Paris, Lyon, London, Dublin, Shannon, Frankfurt, Geneva, Oslo, Copenhagen) and San Sebastian (30 minutes, serving Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga).

Last but not least, Technocité also features:

  • The presence of major prime contractors: Dassault Aviation, Safran Helicopter Engines, Messier-Dowty, Airbus.
  • An incubator for new and young companies in the aeronautics, embedded systems, robotics, technical instrumentation and materials sectors.
  • Service, engineering and consulting activities.
  • Training centers and laboratories: with the ESTIA engineering school.

Digital companies

Izarbel technology park is the place to be for new technology enthusiasts. It currently hosts more than 100 companies, an engineering school, associated incubators for strategic or commercial support, and business centers, all dedicated to the field of cutting-edge digital technology.

Located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Basque Country, close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountain range, it offers a business location that combines efficiency and a relaxed lifestyle.

This ever-expanding 20-hectare park as all the resources necessary for the optimal development of your company, thanks to a strategic geographical location, a fiber optic network and access to the best skills, such as:

– Qualified resources directly from the ESTIA engineering school (Ecole Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées)

– ESTIA Entreprendre support for innovative projects.

– ESTIA Recherche: 2 R&D laboratories: IKASI (innovation), ENERGEA (Electrical and Automatic Engineering for Renewable Energies).

Whatever your company’s stage of development, Izarbel has the right real estate solution for you – it even has land available to build your own premises. A little extra: Izarbel also offers a crèche for company employees!

Circular economy and eco-construction companies

The Arkinova business park is dedicated to sustainable construction and covers an area of 49 hectares. Located in the heart of Anglet, it was created to foster collaboration between organizations specializing in the green economy. The site is made up of higher education establishments, laboratories and companies, which can pool their skills for more effective problem solving.


Arkinova is a business generator, offering companies and project leaders a new-generation business incubator. It combines office space with the technical equipment required for business development. The incubator has the capacity to host 25 companies and brings together a network of key players in innovative projects dedicated to the sustainable economy.

The aim is to help each project succeed by providing assistance with setting up the company, checking the business model, and providing additional training in marketing, sales and finance, etc. Finally, Arkinova responds to a desire for exchange and cooperation between players in the same business sector, to ensure their long-term survival.



ARKINOVA is now home to:

  • 2000 STUDENTS



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