Our experienced team provides you with strategic advice and expert knowledge about the local economic fabric. We cover all sectors from industry, innovation, healthcare and agri-food to technical, composites and aeronautics.

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Support for the success of your business projects

We support companies in their strategy and help them identify internal and external opportunities.

Our team works with business leaders to ensure the success of new launches and investment projects in the Basque Country. Less than two hours from Bordeaux, Pau and Toulouse, it is an exceptional setting for a business, whatever yours may be:

START-UPS NEEDING SUPPORT in their early stages of development.
EXISTING COMPANIES looking to set up or expand in the Basque Country.
COMPANIES IN HIGH-POTENTIAL SECTORS (Green industry, Composite, Sport, New technologies, Aeronautics, Health, Medtech, Textile, Circular economy, Industrial production, Agritech…)

This support is aimed at managers wishing to establish their organization in the Basque Country. BASQUE INVEST offers companies a one-stop shop to facilitate the process.

We think every project to be of value and consider every single one, regardless of its size. There is no such thing as a small project. We support companies to ensure they make the right choices, to move as quickly as possible towards their set objectives, and to enable them to succeed in their establishment and development.

Our team will be with you every step of the way in line with your sector of activity, from setting up your business to helping your employees and family settle in.

A complete range of services to develop your business in the basque country

Discover the full range of BASQUE INVEST‘s services, such as assistance with setting up a business in the Basque Country, acceptability assessment, business start-up assistance and networking:


Business start-up assistance

Are you a project owner looking to set up a business in France or in the Basque Country? We can guide you through the entire process of setting up a business with the appropriate structures.


We connect you with experts, companies, partners, potential investors and external advisory resources

Legal and financial assistance

If required, we can also help you apply for financial assistance, and put you in touch with our network of companies in the Basque Country, using these meetings and exchanges to solve common problems.

Set-up assistance

We can help you relocate your business, change your registered office, or set up a purely local operation in the Basque Country. All relocation projects require presentation to local authorities. We act as mediators to ensure that the issues and objectives are understood by all. The aim is to validate your projects with the right people, who are essential to the success of your business projects. Moving to a new location can also mean upheaval for the whole family – we can also help you find a job for your spouse or a school for your children, or put you in touch with real estate agencies.

Location support : how to choose the right location for your business?

The location of your company is a key factor in its success and development. The BASQUE INVEST team will guide you through the process, helping you to select the best site for your needs and ambitions.

There are locations to suit the size and progress of every business. If you’re a very young company, coworking spaces or incubators may be a suitable solution.

If you’re a business or company in a major growth phase, we can point you in the direction of the zones dedicated to your field of activity, as these will be designed to facilitate your specific needs.

The economic players in the Basque Country are committed to developing business parks that meet the needs of each sector.

What is a business location strategy?

Establishing a business can be defined as choosing your location, be it a workshop or an office etc. and settling there to develop your activity. It refers to material notions such as offices and people and is not the same as business domiciliation.

Being in the right location is a key factor in a company’s development, growth and success. The business plan drawn up at a company’s creation should help to define location criteria as part of its market strategy, which means the definition of target markets, marketing possibilities and customer needs.

Once your preferred geographical locations are defined, you can start to see which regions offer assistance in setting up a business. In the Basque Country, you will find us – BASQUE INVEST. We provide free, personalized support for your project to set up in this area we know so well.

Set-up assistance is a range of benefits granted to companies in the form of support services: help in finding business premises, simplification of set-up procedures, help in understanding the local economic environment, employment pool, etc. A business location plan is therefore an integral part of a company’s success or failure in its market.

What are the main factors in choosing a business location?

The factors involved in setting up a business are the points that a company needs to consider in order to develop successfully in a new territory. They should be considered during the location studies that precede any installation project. The essential criteria will vary from company to company:

Visibility – Where are your future customers located and how visible do you need to be to them? For example, do you need a high street location or is a warehouse sufficient?

Market – How close is the location to the target market and what is the cost of delivering goods to it?

The price: What is your budget for a premises? Do suitable options exist within this budget in the area you are looking at?

The labor pool: What talent do you need to develop your business? Choose an open, stable, unsaturated skills pool that attracts new talent.

This list of location criteria is obviously not exhaustive. It must be completed and adapted to the specific characteristics of your company and your market.

In order to develop employment and skills investment in their area, local authorities have developed support services to help companies with their set up processes. These support services, such as the one we offer at BASQUE INVEST in the Basque Country, will give you all the information you need to carry out your location study with confidence, and ultimately ensure the success of your business.



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