Relocate and develop your business in the Basque Country

Relocating your business can be crucial to its growth and long-term future. BASQUE INVEST can help you relocate and develop your business in the Basque Country, a dynamic, fast-growing region.

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How to relocate a company

Preparing a company move must come from well-considered reasons and be discussed with employees. A company’s health is at stake when undertaking a corporate relocation. So it’s crucial to think ahead and plan the organization of a company move with a dedicated checklist, so as not to forget any step. Sourcing a new location, registering your company address, informing your landlord of your departure, opening new telephone and internet lines and terminating energy contracts are all points to plan for

Here’s our checklist for relocating to the Basque Country:

Before your company moves

  • 6 months before:
    Audit the new premises
    Set a moving date
    Give notice for your current premises (according to articles L145-4 and L145-9 of the French Commercial Code and case law, any nine-year commercial lease must be terminated 6 months before the end of the three-year period),
    Check employee contracts
  • 3 months before:
    Choose a service provider for the move
    Appoint a “relocation manager” for each department to oversee the move and act as a liaison between your employees and management
    Notify employees and employee representatives of your company move
  • 1 month before:
    Start packing and sorting archives
    Change company address
  • Two weeks before:
    Take out new contracts: home insurance, water, energy, telephone and internet contract
    Set up mail forwarding to new company address
  • On the day:
    Termination of old energy contracts
    Inventory of fixtures on departure and arrival

After the move

Seven days after the move, if you have company vehicles, don’t forget to change the registration documents.

What is company domiciliation

Company domiciliation is a vital step in your checklist for a successful corporate move. A French company, or a company relocating to France, is obliged to domicile its business, i.e. to declare the transfer of its registered office.

Choosing new premises for a company relocating to France is the first step in moving a business. We suggest finding your future new premises before announcing the company move to employees as it more reassuring to announce a new stage in the company’s growth with a precise location in mind.

Once the premises have been found, it is important to bring the company up to date in administrative terms. This is where the act of domiciliation comes in. A company’s registered office is the address where it is actually run. It is set down in the company’s articles of association at the time of its creation, and can be moved during the life of the company. For example, a company set up in Caen and wishing to move to the Basque Country could have a registered office in Biarritz, and then a registered office in Bayonne if it moves again.

Relocating a company to France necessarily entails a new company domicile, a change that differs depending on whether the company is a SARL, a SA, a SAS or a civil society.

It is important to note that the company has one month from the date of the modification to the company domicile to publish a notice of modification in a legal gazette, indicating the new and old locations of the registered office. The modification must be followed by a declaration to the CFE (Centre de Formalité des Entreprises de la CCI).

BASQUE INVEST'S support business delepment in the basque country

Développer une entreprise passe par un plan d’action organisé. L’équipe de BASQUE INVEST vous accompagne selon les étapes suivantes :

  1. Developing a business requires an organized action plan. The BASQUE INVEST team will guide you through the following stages:

    1. BRIEF

    Arrange a meeting with your dedicated BASQUE INVEST contact, to list all your needs and draw up an action plan for your business.

    1. ACTION

    Implementation of the actions defined together: providing the necessary information, assisting with administrative formalities, putting you in touch with the right contacts etc. Our team does everything in its power with its partners to ensure the success of your company relocation or business development in the Basque Country.

    1. FOLLOW-UP

    We remain in close contact with all the entrepreneurs and start-ups we support. Should a new need arise for your company, we’ll be there to meet it and support you in your development.