The Basque Country: a French region
with unrivaled quality of life

France is an excellent place to build a business. An attractive location for European and international trade, it also boasts a highly skilled workforce and a quality of life that is hard to beat. Especially when it comes to the Basque Country.

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Living in france : exceptional quality of life

Living in France means setting up home in a country rich in culture. With its historical, artistic, cultural and gastronomic heritage, France, and especially its capital, Paris, are highly attractive tourist destinations worldwide. As of 2023, 52 French sites are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Paris aside, France also boasts a wealth of regional cultures that come with their own traditions, know-how and expertise, making it an extremely attractive country from touristic and economic perspectives. When setting up a business, it is wise to choose a region based on its industry, its natural and human resources, or its ecosystem. Be it on the coast or in the countryside, a big city or a small town or even a specifically startup-friendly area, there locations in France to fit every business need.

From a social point of view, living in France also means benefits such as paid vacations, access to healthcare and social protection.


Comfortable living in the basque country

The Basque Country, or Euskal Herria in Basque, is part of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department (64). Home to some 320,000 inhabitants, it has a strong and dynamic economy and great quality of life thanks to its culture, heritage and ocean-meets-mountain location between France and Spain.



A playground for nature lovers

The Basque Country is much appreciated for the beauty of its natural environment and its renowned cultural sites. More than half of the territory is dominated by mountains averaging over 400 m in height, with the Pyrenees in the center, forming the border between France and Spain. These mountains mix with forests, ocean and rivers to give stunning views from every angle. Nature lovers will also enjoy the flora and fauna that vary according to altitude, climate and season, creating a magnificent landscape at any time of year.

Living in the Basque Country also means enjoying a temperate, oceanic climate, with generally mild temperatures and sunshine all year round, although the mountains do enjoy snowfall in the winter. Generally speaking, the area does not experience extremely harsh weather, which allows its wide variety of flora to flourish.

Living in harmony with nature is part of the Basque Country’s philosophy, and the region’s outdoor sporting options are extensive. Boardsports are some of the most popular. Skiers and snowboards can head to the mountains and surfers can visit renowned surf spots such as Côte des Basques in Biarritz, where surfing was first introduced in France in 1957, and Parlementia in Guéthary. The region also boasts legendary trails for hikers and trail runners, such as the Senpereko Trail, the Euskal Trails, the SkyRhune or the Course des Crêtes in Espelette. Numerous sporting events are organized in the Basque Country as a result, attracting a host of national and international athletes.

A unique cultural life

The Basque language, Euskara, is an indisputable symbol of this territory. But you can still immerse yourself in Basque culture and traditions without being able to speak it. Basques are fiercely proud of their cultural heritage and celebrate it with over 3,000 festivities organized throughout the year, including the Fête de Bayonne, which has been held for over 90 years. New exhibitions are giving a new appeal to the Basque arts and sports are also an omnipresent part of the culture, including the unmissable pelota, strength competitions and board sports.

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