Basque Invest at Interphex Osaka

20 February 2024

10th Interphex in Osaka

This year, the Basque Invest team will be attending the 10th INTERPHEX trade show in Osaka, Japan, from March 13 to 15, 2024.

Interphex week Osaka is one of the most important trade shows in the Japanese archipelago, known worldwide, bringing together the leading companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical sectors.

Organized by RX Kapan Ltd, the International Pharmaceutical exhibition Osaka is Japan’s largest pharmaceutical cluster. It brings together the major players in the drug, cosmetics and research sectors, covering every link in the chain: from research to manufacturing and from production development to packaging.

The specialized healthcare industry event is split into two trade shows:

1- Interphex Japan: dedicated to product and packaging manufacturing

Interphex Japan features exhibitors presenting a wide range of product-related activities: materials processing, packaging processes, infrastructure construction, laboratory analysis, quality control, deep technology and data exploitation, computer software, sterilization processes, transport and logistics, and more.

2- PharmaLab Expo Osaka: a space dedicated to research and development (pharmaceuticals, drug development and new technologies used in laboratories)

PharmaLab Expo Osaka showcases the latest innovations in analysis and laboratories: equipment, medical and analysis devices, analysis automation, biotechnologies, etc.

Interphex Osaka attracts numerous exhibitors and visitors from a wide range of sectors: biotech and pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics and medical device manufacturers, research and education. This international trade show dedicated to the healthcare industry also features a program of conferences given by experts, and round tables for scientific and commercial exchanges.

Asian medical innovation and France

Interphex Osaka welcomes healthcare industry leaders from Japan and the rest of Asia. 

This m2 concentration of information, with over 250 exhibitors, enables visitors to discover technological and commercial innovations in the medical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors, with a full-scale presentation of the Japanese healthcare industry market. 

This unique show enables the Basque Invest team to identify foreign innovations in deep tech, nanomedicine and biotechnology. This event is an opportunity to create opportunities to develop the medical industry market in France by building synergies with players in the Asian market.

With the aim of developing the commercial, scientific and technical appeal of the Basque Country, the Basque Invest team will be seeking out international skills and technologies to support the companies and start-ups that are an integral part of our region’s medical ecosystem.

The economic fabric of the Basque Country includes French healthcare industry leaders such as Sophia Genetics, BBraun, Laboratoires Renaudin and Needle Concept, as well as numerous start-ups integrated into the Ginkgo Biloba medical innovation incubator created by Ramsay Santé. 

The Basque Invest team is thus able to offer project leaders in the medical sector an international network of players in the healthcare sector.