22 November 2019

#Invest_French_French_Basque_Country is pleased to announce the establishment of #Hexa_surfboard in French Basque Country

Come and meet Leo, Sylvain and their team of entrepreneurs/surfers who have just arrived on the Basque Coast with a new concept at the S&D meetup #29: Surf & GreenTech – Innovators Words x HEXA Surfboard on November 20th in #Olatu_Leku.

Interested in the surfboards of the future? The opportunity to listen to their testimony of the release of their studies to the realization of a crazy dream coming true with the creation of HEXA Surfboards, a brand of high-performance “ecoboards” for surfing.

They will share a unique experience made of tests, R&D, travel, business plans and of course waves between California, the Paris region and the Basque Coast.

Moreother HEXA recently received the #EuroSima 2019 Innovation Award at the last Surf Summit in Hossegor.

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