La boîte concept : the family business

Sound has been part of Timothée Cagniard’s family heritage since the 1930s. When he and his brother set up Boîte Concept in Paris, he had no idea that the Basque Country would provide him with sufficiently convincing reasons to move the business there. He told us more about his story:

“La Boîte Concept’s mission is to create loudspeakers optimized for new media such as computers, tablets and smartphones. We take into account the product’s functionality and give it an ergonomic design that blends in with contemporary furniture. It was our collaboration with designer Samuel Accoceberry that brought us to the Basque Country. After building links with suppliers in the wood industry in the south and craftsmen in the north, we met François Applagnat from the Pôle Implantations. Thanks to his support, we relocated our R&D to Ustaritz. It made sense to have our laboratory close to our suppliers.

The BASQUE INVEST played a major role in our development strategy. From presenting suppliers to finding premises and helping us draw up our business plan, there was a great deal of energy and we felt supported. Today, we value both the flexibility of our Basque partners and their responsiveness, not to mention the marketing impact on our customers of the “made in the Basque Country” labeling.”

And because the balance sheet is more than positive, Timothée Cagniard intends to maintain the link with the CCI Bayonne Pays Basque.

He now works with the CCI International Nouvelle Aquitaine department, supported by Guillaume Dalies at CCI Bayonne Pays Basque:

“For the end of the year, we have two major projects: the launch of a new flagship product with new functions and finishes, for which we received a grant thanks to the Pôle Implantations, and the strengthening of our export strategy. Exports already account for 1/3 of our sales and should become our future source of growth”.