HOPAAL : the french sustanable clothing brand based in the basque country

Founded in 2017, Hopaal’s concept is to manufacture garments that are as environmentally friendly as possible. To keep production super local, all garments are now made in France from recycled materials. After identifying materials that can be recycled, Hopaal’s production workshops recover these materials and recreate fabric threads ready for use in new garment production.

Committed to the circular economy in the Basque Country since 2018, Clément, the brand’s founder, chose to set up in Biarritz thanks to the support of BASQUE INVEST.

Why build a circulaar economy company in the basque country

Etablishing a responsible clothing brand in the Basque Country was a logical move for the brand’s founders. The clothing is inspired by surf style, the ocean, the beach and the waves. The brand’s values correspond perfectly to the Basque way of life, encompassing surfing, respect for nature and our environment, and more local consumption.

The Basque Country was also a land of opportunity for launching their brand in the circular economy. When they approached François Applagnat of BASQUE INVEST, they were given the opportunity to set up their business at the Olatu Leku business incubator in Anglet. Soon after, in 2019, they had the opportunity to open a store in Biarritz to develop their business and establish themselves locally.

The circular economy sector in the Basque Country is dynamic and evolving, thanks to companies like Hopaal that have the ambition to change the way we consume. Thanks to François’ help, Clément was able to meet with a number of organizations, including EuroSIMA and CETIA (a center set up by ESTIA to help companies implement more responsible fashion processes, and which is already working with some of the biggest names in French fashion, including Decathlon, Eram and Pyrenex).

Basque invest supports the founders of HOPAAL

François Applagnat committed to supporting the founders as they set up in the Basque Country, following several strategic stages in their development:

  • Presentation of the textile and circular economy sectors in the Basque Country.
  • Helping to relocalize garment production through a new linen and cotton supply chain, and sourcing cross-border suppliers.
  • Liaising with EuroSIMA and CETIA to create collaborations between textile recycling and the boardsports industry.
  • Seeking financial support from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.
  • Searching for premises for the company and the store.
  • Introducing potential investors.

Today, Hopaal is embarking on a new phase in its business by increasing its capital. BASQUE INVEST is proud to support them again in this new phase, helping them to find new shareholders.