Basque Country

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Sports sector

“ Between the ocean and mountains, the Basque Country is a fabulous playground for experimenting with products and testing them from day to day. Furthermore, in the field of board sports, the region is home to a melting pot of skills which is unique in the world. The other major areas are California and Australia, which are vast, whereas here in just 30 km, all its occupations are present! ”

The Basque Country has been one of the world’s surf capitals for around half a century. The Atlantic Ocean and its waves created this vocation. Our passion did the rest. Over the years, our territory has chosen to become a privileged home for the board sports industry.

The board sports sector has been organised around a cluster since 2005, EuroSIMA.

It represents over 3 200 jobs and almost 400 companies, including 5 world leaders (Quiksilver, O’Neill, Billabong, Rip Curl, Volcom).

An economic park is dedicated to board sports : BAIA Park in Anglet (and its associated business centre, Olatu Leku: business centre, nursery and resource centre).

Over 40 brands are concentred in an area of less than 50 km. This sector generates 1.2 billion euros turnover per year (European market).

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