Basque Country:
Quality of life and the environment


When you set up your business in a new location, it is also worth thinking about the quality of life for everyone who will be working there. This is why we present the quality of life in Basque Country: a region very close to nature and the outdoors, which upholds a great respect for the environment. For many, it is also a very peaceful way of life.

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Here, the climate is mostly oceanic, with temperatures of between 5°C and 22°C, occasionally reaching 30°C in the summer. The mountains, which cover a significant part of the Basque Country, also enjoy some snow in the winter. Basque Country climate is generally mild and therefore well-suited to its highly varied plant life.

Basque landscapes have always fascinated observers, from its mountains and lush valleys, to its fertile plains where corn is grown. Flora varies according to the altitude and climate. On the coast there is heath, heather and other plants capable of adapting to marine conditions with wind and salt. Along the Spanish coast there are dunes with sporadic eucalyptus, maritime pine, and tamarisk. Moors and meadows dominate the hilly panorama. Dense oak and beech forest mostly cover the mountain landscapes.


The region is also notable for its 300km of waterways, and its rivers provide an almost endless source of water. Numerous monitoring stations periodically sample water quality, cleaning and purifying it, then releasing it back into the environment for consumption. Various foundations organise, amongst other things, “Ocean Initiatives”, to ensure bathing water is kept clean. Air quality in Basque Country is particularly good and stable. Waste collection and processing has presented a continuous challenge for the Basque Country, and the Bil Ta Garbi syndicate was set up by prefectural decree to implement a comprehensive household-waste management system. The Basque Country also helps regulate levels of agricultural pollution.

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