Basque Country

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Green economy sector

Our territory has the resources needed for renewable energies: waves (marine power), the sun and farm waste which can be turned into energy (heat, electricity, gas). ESTIA has a research platform (Energea) which works on renewable energies (optimisation of electricity grids). The Groupement d’Intérêts Publics Littoral Aquitain carried out a study on the coast, studying its erosion and marine energy resources. Based on this study, we can contact industrialists to develop innovative projects for the benefit of all. It is also worth remembering that the port of Bayonne is a major asset in the development of marine energies (offshore, near-shore, onshore).


The Basque Country is a privileged land. Its location close to the ocean, the mountains and forests have always inspired our respect. By way of proof, despite our region’s success as a tourist destination, our coastline has not been disfigured. It is therefore with legitimacy that we encourage the local emergence of projects linked to renewable energies, recycling, marine energies and eco-design.

This research work concerns all sectors: from waste management to energy, producing it (methanisation, marine farm), saving it (eco-design) and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

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There is now an area dedicated to eco-construction at Anglet’s Landes de Juzan technology park.
Dedicated to high-tech activities, it provides a resource centre (Nobatek).

Engineers and other sustainable construction and fitting-out specialists work with companies with the aim of integrating environmental criteria in building projects and the design of construction materials and processes.