Basque Country

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FASHION & TEXTILES in the Basque Country

The “Biarritz Integral Active Lifestyle” chair founded by ESTIA aims over a 3-year period to help the fashion ecosystem, from textile creation to clothes sales, to transform the challenges resulting from new lifestyles and consumer habits into economic opportunities.

To help textile and clothing companies to innovate, the Chair combines the dissemination of knowledge with open innovation. A technical training centre will enable “material” know-how to be passed on and adapted.

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A large number of fashion and textile companies are already well established in the Basque Country : Quicksilver, Hoopal, Tribord, etc. They draw their strength and their competitive edge from the local environment. Their location close to both the ocean and mountains gives them access to consumers, enables them to test products in-situ and find a workforce which truly shares the same values.

HOPAAL is a responsible brand which protects and preserves the environment by reinventing each of the stages in the fashion industry’s value chain. Waste is recycled so that it does not end up in the bin or discarded.

Tribord, a Décathlon brand, has managed to take advantage of all the opportunities which the Basque Country has to offer. Its R&D departments and teams are located in Hendaye, right next to the sea, in the premises of the port’s former fish market. It is here, in the world’s largest waterfront open-space, that its teams of engineers, product managers, designers, prototypists, design and test tomorrow’s products in close contact with users and their needs.

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