Basque Country

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The term e-health covers all the fields where information & communication technologies (ICT) are used for the benefit of health. Digital health is increasingly viewed as a relevant solution to satisfy the challenges facing health systems: evolution of medical demographics, unequal access to healthcare between different areas, increased prevalence of chronic illnesses, as well as an ageing population and caring for the dependent.

The rapid expansion of digital tools in the field of healthcare is led by public action in terms of functional, technical and safety conditions for the health and medico-social sectors.

81 % of doctors are today convinced of the benefits of e-health on the quality of care and digital tools are obviously today at the heart of innovation. In the medical sector, e-health enables clinical research to progress, and for healthcare and patient support to be improved.

It is also about creating label type assessment systems to guide decision-makers and users when choosing software solutions, eg. software dedicated to health centres, the IoT.

E-HEALTH in the Basque Country

Companies located in the Basque Country are surfing on the e-health wave :

ISAO DIGITAL, a company based in Bayonne, designs and creates innovative digital medical solutions for all types of supports : training simulator and medical platform for the public at large. They encourage synergies between their educational, medical and technological engineering to better satisfy the expectations of health professionals.

The leading world start-up in data based medicine Sophia Genetics recently set up in the Basque Country in April 2018. This Swiss start-up, co-founded by the Basque Jurgi Camblong, is contributing to better diagnose a patient every 5 minutes. The company was listed in 2017 by the MIT Tech Review as one of the 50 smartest companies and classed amongst the world’s top 10 innovative biotechs by the American magazine Fast Company. The start-up had 20 employees in 2014. By late 2018, there will be more than 200 working at its different sites.

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