Basque Country

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Agrifood sector

“ I love the sprit of Basque cuisine: its character, its intense flavours and its authentic occupations. Here everything is produced and transformed locally. Inland in the Basque Country is an immense area of natural activity. There is always land available, a qualified workforce and attractive labour costs. ”

In the Basque Country, we grow, we breed and we transform. With the taste for fine cuisine a centuries-old-tradition, the Basque Country has successfully invested in the agrifood business. Predominant inland, the agrifood sector is particularly represented by the meat, dairy, confectionery and fish sectors.

The agrifood business is 3 000 jobs in over 100 companies.
A cluster has mobilised all the agrifood players to :

  • create collaborative projects between different producers, breeders and growers
  • encourage short circuits
  • optimise transformation
  • create eco-designed packaging
  • contribute to a local brand
  • make agrifood a true future sector
  • make sustainable development a strategic priority