Green economy

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R&D green economy

Research is adapted to different sectors, from waste management to energy. Studies and experiments concern :

  • energy production (methanisation, marine energy)
  • energy savings (eco-design, eco-construction)
  • limiting greenhouse gas emissions

A research platform, Energea, works on renewable energies (optimisation of electrical networks). The Groupement d’Intérêts Publics Littoral Aquitain has carried out a study on the coast, its erosion and its resources. This study acts as a basis for industrialists wishing to develop innovative projects in terms of marine energy.

Anglet’s Landes de Juzan technological park (and its technological resource centre Nobatek) is fully dedicated to research into eco-construction. Engineers and other specialists in sustainable construction and fitting-out provide their know-how to businesses wishing to make energy savings. Their mission: integrate environmental criteria into property projects and the design of materials and construction processes.

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