Basque Invest: a major player in the establishment of
companies in the Basque Country

Since the creation of Basque Invest, we have helped several start-ups, foreign or French entrepreneurs to set up and live in the Basque Country, thanks to our expertise in the accompaniment, management and realization of set-up and investment projects in France. Over the last 5 years, we are proud to have assisted around 100 projects to set up in the Basque Country, i.e. around 20 projects per year. 80% of the projects are French, and mainly belong to the tertiary sector and e-commerce. We are pleased to have set up projects with a high impact and which create jobs in the Basque Country. Among the sectors of activity that stand out, we have implanted : 

By 2021, we had supported 29 companies in setting up in the territory, contributing to the creation of 326 jobs estimated over 3 years. As in 2020, due to the health crisis, the Basque Invest team was able to show agility and redouble its efforts in order to maintain its presence at trade fairs and meet with investors and companies in need of a boost.


In 2022, we helped 18 companies set up in the Basque Country, which trusted us with their investment project in France. We have also made concrete progress with 5 other companies, which should set up in the Basque Country in 2023.

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Here is a summary of the companies supported in 2022: 

All of these companies that have set up in the Basque Country represent the creation of 406 jobs in our region over the next three years, which creates a very interesting dynamic for the local market.

  • 61% of the contacts with entrepreneurs, start-ups or companies that have set up in the Basque Country are the result of the work of the network of prescribers.

  • 30% are linked to our direct prospecting work

  • The remaining 9% correspond to the communication tools developed by Basque Invest to attract entrepreneurs: our website and our LinkedIn page.

The last companies in the Basque Country in 2022

Foreign start-ups, industrial companies or local entrepreneurs, we present the latest companies to set up in the Basque Country in 2022 thanks to Basque Invest, and how we have been able to support them in their set-up strategy:

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Optima Aero

Specializing in the dismantling and refurbishment of helicopter parts, this Canadian company, which is rooted in the circular economy, was looking for a European location for its EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) headquarters. France came out on top of the list of the most interesting European countries for their location, and more particularly the cities of Bordeaux, Agen, Pau and Biarritz. The reactivity of Basque Invest, as well as the various advantages of the Basque Country, won over the Optima Aero management committee: 

  • A strong ecosystem around the aeronautical sector in the Basque Country
  • Personalized support for the recruitment of qualified personnel
  • Proximity to Safran Helicopters (the worldwide helicopter maintenance training center is based in Tarnos)
  • The presence of structures such as ESTIA and its future Turbo lab (building dedicated to the propulsion energies of the future), Compositadour, or Biarritz airport

Basque Invest has also enabled Optima Aero to recruit its first employees and technicians. A rapid connection with banking institutions facilitated the setting up of the necessary credits for the establishment in the Basque Country. Finally, Basque Invest enabled Optima Aero to set up its communication operations on the Basque territory, by putting the General Management in contact with the local and national media: written press and television (EITB, TV7, France TV, TVPI, Le Figaro, Les Echos, Le Monde).

Intelligence Audio 

With the aim of setting up in the Basque Country, Intelligence Audio wanted to know about the ecosystem of companies in its field of activity in the Basque Country. After several exchanges with Basque Invest, we presented them the digital cluster in the Basque Country led by the Pays Basque Agglomeration Community, as well as the various training courses specializing in these professions, such as that of ESAPB (Ecole Supérieure d’Art Pays Basque), which trains students in several locations, notably the Villa des Rocailles in Biarritz.

Basque Invest then assisted Intelligence Audio in the search for their premises, finding a location that met all their specific criteria: industrial zone, high ceilings, location respecting the anonymity of certain artists, etc. We put them in touch with several types of players in order to successfully set up in the Basque Country: luxury hotels, banks, politicians, Bayonne town hall, regional players… We helped them organize the opening of their premises, as well as the local and cross-border dissemination of their work and innovations. Indeed, Basque Invest has enabled them to envisage collaborations with Spanish film actors in the Spanish Basque Country, such as Zinemaldia (the Spanish film center in San Sebastian) and the Kursaal cinema. 


In order to set up his company in the Basque Country, and more specifically in the Port of Bayonne, Guillaume Catala, Aqualines project manager and investor, contacted Karlos from Basque Invest. An innovative company thanks to their aircraft-boat offer, their interest in setting up in the Basque Country was clear: positioning in the port of Bayonne with the possibility of carrying out tests on the Adour, proximity to the seaplane base in Biscarrosse, relations with Compositadour, Aerospace Valley and aeronautical subcontractors such as the Lauak groupBasque Invest has enabled them to meet a certain number of players to facilitate their establishment on the Basque territory and the construction of their infrastructures, such as the elected representatives of the port of Bayonne, the New Aquitaine region, technicians, the urban planning services of the Basque Country agglomeration community, and the Bayonne town hall.


Established in 2021 thanks to Basque Invest, Polyola, a German start-up, wanted to set up in the surfing industry. Basque Invest helped them to get in touch with banks and players in the surfing industry (shapers, companies, surfers to test their products, etc.), to find premises, to prepare aid applications and to find new shareholders to increase their capital. Today, it continues its development with a new successful fundraising of 300 000€ in January 2023. 

Larrun Bikes 

Basque Invest supported Larrun Bikes in setting up in the Basque Country in order to get closer to the growing bicycle ecosystem in the Basque Country, in particular Pragma Industrie (a group of bicycle and accessory manufacturers). We helped them find premises in Biarritz, put them in touch with the region Nouvelle Aquitaine, with future employees, organize their inauguration and participate in various trade shows in Europe.

Entrepreneurs satisfied with their establishment in the Basque Country with Basque Invest

Among the companies we have had the opportunity to help set up in the Basque Country, the majority are very satisfied with Basque Invest‘s support. They recognise the effectiveness of Basque Invest in the reception function (quality of contacts, help in putting together financing dossiers and in finding real estate), with a decisive intervention in the choice of location. 

Do you have a project to set up a business in France or the Basque Country? Do not hesitate to contact us to explain your project.