Facilitating the work of medical staff:
the objective of Ascaly, established in the Basque Country

Pierre Cosson, founder of Ascaly, launched his project in Bordeaux in 2016, and has been marketing his platform since 2018. A digital company in the health industry, its objective is to facilitate exchanges between medical employees, with health establishments and operating room managers on the one hand, and equipment suppliers on the other. Thanks to this platform, orders for medical equipments are digitalized, facilitated and immediate. 

Conquered by the major assets of the Basque Country and supported by Basque Invest, the company has set up a branch in Anglet, in the Basque Country. This second structure allows the development and testing of new solutions developed in “no code”. For example, Ascaly recently developed the “Astreinte” device which was tested at the Aguilera clinic in Biarritz (Ramsay Santé Group) and marketed since March 2023, with the aim of facilitating the management of on-call duty over a given period. The company is currently working on a tool for managing the schedules of practitioners at the clinic’s day hospital.

Basque Invest accompagne les entreprises de l'industrie médicale

The health and digital industry: an attractive sector in the Basque Country

Medical equipment, health establishments, or start-ups in e-health (or digital health), the health sector is a sector of excellence in the Basque Country. With companies such as Sophia Genetics, IASO Digital, Technoflex, DJO Global and B.Braun, the Basque Country has a number of dynamic companies in its territory, as well as a very interesting ecosystem around health sector. 

In fact, a number of clusters and groupings of structures have been created in recent years to encourage synergies in this sector, which represents 15.5% of jobs in the Basque Country, according to a study carried out by the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This is the case, for example, of the Ramsay Santé group (which includes the Belharra and Aguilera clinics in Biarritz and the Jean le Bon clinic in Dax), which has created Ginkgo Biloba – Living Lab Pays Basque. 

Ascaly thus had the opportunity to develop when it set up in the Basque Country. It now benefits from the possibility to test its solutions directly in Biarritz clinics, as close as possible to the needs of its users: health establishments, surgeons, medical equipment suppliers, employees. This is an important asset in order to develop its solutions and offers what corresponds perfectly to the expectations of its customers. 

Basque Invest's support to Ascaly

Ascaly’s main challenge when it arrived in the Basque Country was to understand the local ecosystem and to look for key skills. Basque Invest helped them in this search for profiles and skills. François Applagnat-Tartet then put them in touch with the Ramsay Santé group and its Ginkgo Biloba nursery, which soon became a Living Lab. François is the initiator of valuable contacts with the Basque Country Agglomeration Community, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, the Innovation Hub of the Ramsay Santé group, and various players in the health sector in the Basque Country, including the regional cluster ALLIS-NA (Alliance Innovation Santé Nouvelle-Aquitaine).

Setting up in the Basque Country was an opportunity for Ascaly to find strong competences, promising synergies, and to be identified as a major player in the digital health sector. Basque Invest is delighted to have been able to support them in this project and contribute to the success of their business development.