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BUSINESS PREMISES in the Basque Country

There are many business premises suited to your business in Basque Country. Local economic players do everything they can to offer business locations dedicated to the different industrial and commercial sectors. Infrastructure is created according to the needs of each field of activity to facilitate business both in France and abroad. New types of business locations are being developed in the New Aquitaine region, such as co-working spaces and offices dedicated to start-ups.


Several factors need to be taken into account before setting up your business.

Several factors need to be taken into account before setting up your business. Some are quantifiable and easy to predict, for example, how much it costs to buy or rent office space, logistical issues, etc. Non-quantifiable factors are the most strategic and will enable you to decide where to set up your business. Before setting up or moving your business, you need to be well acquainted with different areas and their assets. The team at Invest French Basque Country will support you and help you draw up a list of criteria for your new business location. This is also an occasion to put you in touch with regional experts in the management of business premises.

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The climate is more than favorable for this business sector, making it easy for all producers to benefit from it, depending on the products on offer. Furthermore, transport infrastructure is highly developed, making it easy to transport goods outside Basque Country.


Located between the sea and mountains, Basque Country is a favourable playground for distributing products and services relating to board sport. Baïa Park hosts industries and companies dedicated to skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. The site is just 2 km from the top surf spots. Olatu Leku is another possible business location with its business centre, which is already home to well-known brands such as Skins France and the Eurosima cluster.


This business sector is not tied to a specific area, and can be located and develop ed anywhere in Basque Country.
The port of Bayonne is a strategic location and is open to international shipping.


Technocité is the ideal site to set up a business dedicated to aeronautics. It is a true technopolitan location, covering 10 hectares in the city of Bayonne. There are more than 20 businesses specialised in aerospace and advanced materials located there.

Fully dedicated to the field of digital high-tech, Izarbel is the preferred location for techies. More than 100 companies, an engineering school, associated incubators for strategic and commercial support, as well as business centres are already located there. Plus, a 15-hectare extension is planned to host new investors.